Friday, October 3, 2014

Review: The Grave Robber by Mark Batterson


The Grave Robber, How Jesus Can Make Your Impossible Possible, by Mark Batterson is a wonderfully entertaining presentation of the seven miracles found in the Gospel of John and shows how miracles are sill happening today.  With the skills of a true storyteller, Batterson combines the miracles of scripture with stories of his own experiences and those of friends and acquaintances. 

Batterson points out that miracles are what draws one to Jesus, but the supernatural events create more questions than answers.  His stories explain that miracles were the main focus of Jesus' ministry and how that ministry of miracles is still available to us in our daily lives today.

This is a great read that will energized your faith.  Don't miss it.

*** The opinions in this post are all mine. I recently became a Family Christian blogger and as such received this complimentary book from Family Christian Book Store.

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  1. Sounds pretty interesting - we all ask for miracles when we have troubles in our lives but I wonder how often we miss the miracles God sends. blessings, marlene